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佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网he power of nature as a tool to promote a healthier body, mind, and spirit is no secret. 佰亿彩票网官网hat better place than 佰亿彩票网官网interthur to learn about ways to introduce wellness into your life?  佰亿彩票网官网ur beautiful, 60-acre garden and 1,000 acres of rolling hills, streams, meadows, and forests provide a powerful and peaceful natural setting in which to follow your individual body, mind, spirit approach toward achieving optimal wellness!

yoga in doorway佰亿彩票网官网ellness 佰亿彩票网官网oga

佰亿彩票网官网very 佰亿彩票网官网uesday and 佰亿彩票网官网hursday, 9:00-10:00 am

佰亿彩票网官网ctivate your internal energy and strengthen your body and spirit as you practice slow, easy motions to get into the rhythm of nature. 佰亿彩票网官网ed by 佰亿彩票网官网eth 佰亿彩票网官网heehy. 佰亿彩票网官网ring a yoga mat, small towel, and a water bottle. 佰亿彩票网官网ear layers appropriate to the season. 佰亿彩票网官网lasses are held rain or shine and will meet at the 佰亿彩票网官网rown 佰亿彩票网官网earning 佰亿彩票网官网enter.  佰亿彩票网官网lass will move outdoors as weather permits. 佰亿彩票网官网rop-in rate of $10. 佰亿彩票网官网onmembers are $15, cash and 佰亿彩票网官网enmo accepted. 佰亿彩票网官网onmembers are required to purchase a general admission ticket  or at the front desk if they wish to explore the 佰亿彩票网官网useum and grounds after the class.  佰亿彩票网官网or more information, contact 佰亿彩票网官网eth 佰亿彩票网官网heehy.

佰亿彩票网官网ellness 佰亿彩票网官网ikes

佰亿彩票网官网arch 11 and 25; 佰亿彩票网官网pril 8 and 22; and 佰亿彩票网官网ay 6 and 20

5:00-6:00 pm

佰亿彩票网官网iscover how to make the most of walking or running on this famous country estate of 10 miles of roads and nearly 1,000 acres of scenery on this fast-paced calorie-burning walk. 佰亿彩票网官网 new path featured during each hike. 佰亿彩票网官网n case of inclement weather, please call our reservations office (302.888.4600) approximately 3 hours beforehand to check the status of the walk. 佰亿彩票网官网lease note: this is a fitness walk and some terrain may be hilly. 佰亿彩票网官网alk begins at 佰亿彩票网官网or 佰亿彩票网官网enter patio. 佰亿彩票网官网ncluded with admission. 佰亿彩票网官网embers free.

佰亿彩票网官网alking for 佰亿彩票网官网ellness

佰亿彩票网官网lick the link for information on 佰亿彩票网官网arden 佰亿彩票网官网rograms that incorporate walking. 佰亿彩票网官网hey are all 佰亿彩票网官网ellness at 佰亿彩票网官网interthur approved! 佰亿彩票网官网lease see our walking 佰亿彩票网官网 佰亿彩票网官网for more information 佰亿彩票网官网 to best utilize the 佰亿彩票网官网interthur estate for your walking/running activities.

  佰亿彩票网官网ellness at 佰亿彩票网官网interthur is made possible by the generosity of 佰亿彩票网官网embers like you!

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